Monday, February 13, 2017

Lots of Walks!!

It's been glorious weather here this past week. So we've been on tons of walks- see pics below. Which has been good for my fitbit challenges, too!

I drove an extra 6 miles the other day to take the kids grocery shopping where they could sit in the car while I shopped. Besides the extra gas, it's a win win. I can be super efficient as they stay entertained the whole time! They loved it! And I loved how cute they are/were!

On a particularly lovely 60 degree day, Becca and I walked about 5 miles down the river trail! It was heavenly!

A cute princess cousin moment captured

The other day, my friend sent me this pic in a text. I had seen it before but REALLY loved it that day and have it as my wallpaper on my phone ever since. It's so encouraging, loving, and amazing to me!
Just wanted to share a great view of our Savior with you.
Capri's little spirit still misses Garrett, too. She just walked up to me and said, "I miss Garrett, because we can't see him anymore. He's dead. But he's still alive. Just not on this earth. I miss him." And my heart broke again. We all are grateful for our Savior, all He has orchestrated and sacrificed, and for the bond we can still feel with Garrett. I wish I knew when this new normal would feel less overwhelming. Time, atonement, patience.

The office is coming along nicely. Too bad we still don't have the city approval. I wash my hands of it for now. Chase is taking over 100% while I go to Europe tomorrow with my mom! Can't wait to see my sister and her family :) and England! and Spain!

Checking the numbering and units on a rainy day! 

Another week of awesome zumba time! I cannot brag about this class enough. I can never live too far away bc I need my Tuesday Zumba time in Orem. Marques is a genius!

A valentines date for the books! 
We had dinner, played a game at walmart, and then went to see LaLaLand. 
This game at walmart was from a website of cute date ideas. It was even more fun than you can imagine. Go to walmart and take pics (we snapchatted it to each other) of items that start with each letter of the alphabet in order. So for example, I sent Chase an (1) Applebee's gift card (2)Blowpop (3) Cubby's gift card etc. Chase and I both really enjoyed it. It's a lot more intense than you'd think. I beat Chase but we'll rematch soon. We had a bet on it, so that's always fun for us! We probably looked nuts to the other customers, but that's Walmart for ya!

A fun Anderson family walk around Bluffdale yesterday after Tate's farewell. One of the best mission farewell talks I have witnessed. Powerful Holy Spirit teaching us all. 
This walk was longer than any of us anticipated- well except Dave bc he led us- about 4 miles, but we had a lot of fun and laughs. 
One mishap is funny now but was not at the time.... well it still hasn't been 24 hours so maybe it's still too soon. My poor mother-in-law had double knee replacement 7 weeks ago. So she was being pushed in the wheelchair. She thought Dave had dropped something so he went a few feet away from the wheelchair to pick something up, the breaks weren't on, Capri was on her lap...... the wheelchair went rolling and Capri and her both fell in a ditch. Capri was fine. Julie was not, but she did survive. And marriage conflict was displayed for all of us to see. We hung back a little as Dave got Julie home quickly, and we tried not to laugh bc it was too soon yesterday.
We'll laugh about it for years to come though. I've already called her today and she seems to be fully recovered. Thank goodness. Between her and my dad in 2016.... I hope I never have to have knee surgery. 

And some lovely family pic moments for y'all to enjoy. I'm sure you've already read on other social medias but yes that phone on the bench is timing me. Chase said he would take as many angles and family pics as I wanted but only give me 2 minutes. I make fun of him and roll my eyes, but honestly 2 minutes is plenty of time and generous, in  my opinion. I'm a pro at utilizing photo opportunities, so we got some winners!! I'm grateful! And thanks Dave for snapping away on your phone (at a high angle. hahah! But for real)!!

 I'm gonna miss these three for the next 11 days, and am so grateful for Chase who encourages me, supports us all, will be taking care of the kids, his schoolwork, and two jobs! and calms my nerves for this trip. And for Julie for picking up my slack, too, I'm sure! And SOOO grateful for my mom for helping it all happen. and Shelby and Josh for welcoming us! It's gonna be a trip of a lifetime! Next post will be the Schroedter girls take Europe!!!  

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

on to February

A couple weekends ago, Cory and Jessica and Preston came up for a visit from Vegas. We love any time we get to spend with them. There was lunch, shooting, arcade-ing, sledding, dinners, and great family time. 

Sledding, being pulled by the razor, and chasing chickens. A typical Saturday in Bluffdale.
Sawyer's first time sledding and he loved it!

I will only be pulled by the razor if tons of kids are on the sled with me. Smart move!

Getting our Christmas Eve pajamas from Grandma Sheryl later than normal, but cuter than ever!! She's amazing. 

I am waiting right now, this very afternoon, to hear from the city if we are receiving our temporary C of O!!! The work is still pressing on and hopefully the customers can move in tomorrow!!! Never stop that grind! Parking lot lines painted. Gate work. Pictured below!

Mary has been my bff since 5th grade. And last month was no different. I called her whining bc the Costco near my house discontinued my fav cheese. She picked the cheese up at the Costco near her house. We both had sleeping kids in our car/ apt and I couldn't go up to her apartment to get it.... so we got creative with a 10 lb bag of cheese. She threw it down and I caught it in my winter coat like a fireman. It was quite the accomplishment! 

My kids fav pastime now. I hide the stroller daily! So cute though.

My beautiful friend Danielle showed up at my house on the perfect day with flowers and a talk on grief. It has been miraculous to me all the people who have been there for me with all the loss of the last couple months. I am so grateful and to my Heavenly Father for sending them. It's true what they say: "Grief is like the ocean, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can learn to do is swim." -Vicki Harrison

We went to our friends house the other night bc they are moving to Texas!! And Grant and I were cracking up at how strange Chase looked sitting with his legs properly straight and closed. Haha. 

Another Grandma Sheryl masterpiece. She sewed this dress for all the great-granddaughters and Capri LOVES it. She was so cute at church that Sunday especially!

A chick-fil-a lunch date. Capri with a bunch of strangers' kids. She held hands with the little girl to her left for a good 30 minutes straight. Not easy to climb and play, but they were attached!