Friday, March 24, 2017


 It's been feeling like spring here the last couple weeks.  I guess as of a couple days ago it is officially spring. 
Yesterday was frigid but I've blocked that. 
After 3 years of talking about it, this spring Chase and I invested in a bike trailer!! The kids love it (don't mind Sawyer adjusting to his helmet life haha) and I enjoy it so much, too!

That one time I packed up the kids and drove an inch and thought I ran over something. Got out to see what I smashed.... Nope just rim on the ground. 
Satan trying to stop me from going to the temple with my boys. 

Why do they mock my selfie wants. At least they always comply in the end.

Fun doing baptisms with these lads.

Just love seeing my angel sleeping. 20 years from now I want to remember her hott mess sleeping self!

One of the cactus arrangements Ciara and I made. Obsessed. And one plant I can keep alive. 

Been organizing my storage unit and books. Found this treasure in an old journal. A fond memory with the older siblings and dad one winter in Utah. I think I was in 7th grade? I know I'll spend my whole life missing Garrett. Grateful for the gospel and knowledge it brings me.

Another mistake asking a boy to take a group selfie!

Beauty and the Beast did not disappoint! I LOVED it. I went with Capri two days after and her and I are in agreement that "mom, you need to buy that movie for us!" 
"What was your fav part, Capri?" 
"I just loved everything. Absolutely everything. Not the wolves or when Gaston or the Beast were mean though."

I can't decide if it's cute or scary how many times she requests to "take a pic with me, mom." or "put lipstick on."

Going to Costco with your friend seems as unproductive as we thought. 
Haha but it was still fun. 

And my sister found out yesterday she's having a GIRL!!!!! Can't wait to snuggle that baby girl (idk when! that's a sad thought.) and see pics of the baby in August!! 

And this snapchat and chill moment in the car captured of Sawyer kill me. Cutest little man!

We both enjoyed our Mommy-Daughter date last night soooo much. Capri was a spoiled girl and I'll cherish that memory just the two of us forever! 
"Mom, I thought you said it was just the two of us going to the movies. Who are all these people in here then?" hahah she has a memory like an elephant and has always been quite the observer! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Amazing Race, season 1

We had a succesful Amazing Race day with 24 of our friends! 12 teams!! Chase and I worked on the planning and executing for weeks and weeks! We're so happy it's over and was a success. Each team put in $10 as a team. The winning team received $100 and the 2nd place received $20.
So here you go!!

In the order they won:
1. Tyler and Logan #neighbors
2. Taylor and Caleb #thebrothers
3. Chad and Kina #themarriedveterans
4. Kmann and Katie #thegymrats
5. Rick and Grant #fatherandson
6. Becca and Ben #thematchingmarrieds
7. Dave and Greg #theoldmenbffs
8. Becca and AJ #themarriedfireballs
9. Braden and Greg #fathersonduo
10. Brianna and Andrew #brotherandsister
11.Ciara and Nathan #thenewlyweds
12. Brian and Aunikka #engaged

Some of my fav parts of the race:

  • Chad and Kina (a couple other teams also) calling me saying they are cities away and don't know what #234 means.... the clue was in my storage facility in unit #234.....they were peeved, rushed back, and Chad and Kina managed to get into 3rd place! 
  • When my mother-in-law (who helped TONS with the race) called me in the morning to tell me Dave and Chad were packing flint, rope, and all kinds of supplies hahaha
  • Nathan had a broken back and my dad had his recent knee surgery- they were a hoot
  • When they did the ABC Walmart game and Becc and AJ went to the CD section and crushed it
  • When Nathan saw the crickets (his biggest fear no joke) for the first time and he was the one who had picked the eating challenge... needless to say they took the penalty
  • When AJ (the cop) realized his wife had picked the shotgun clay pigeon shooting challenge and they took the penalty and skipped it. haha
  • Seeing Becca and Ben do "who let the dogs" out 
  • We didn't get any pics of chicken catching but it was still fabulous
  • Getting all the snaps from Walmart
  • Hearing ppl tell the story and seeing the vid of Ciara swearing like a sailor on the 30 ft drop rope course part in Provo
  • Dave and Greg were in the 1st the whole time and took a 30 minute penalty on the map bc it was super hard for them and we all thought they had a huge cushion!
  • Hearing my mother-in-law talk about each person eating the crickets in the kitchen and "bless their heart" and all the puking, gagging, and stellar jobs they did!
  • Calling Chase back and forth as we filled each other in with what was going on with the race where we were
  • How seriously fun and serious all these loved ones took the race!!
  • And how now we will officially be having an annual Amazing race for sure from now on! Enter with a video audition and I'll pick the participants hahah!

Here's a summary of the race somewhat!!


ROADBLOCK (Pick one partner)!
Who has the best vision? Pick which partner has the best 20/20 and attention to detail! Decide on your way and…… text Marissa which partner will be doing it before you get your next envelope.
Head to 40.133878, -111.806968.


# 1.2
You must shoot 3 clay pigeons in a row. You have 5 chances when you’re ready to perform. You can practice as long as you want, and let Chase know when you’re ready to give it a go! There are only two guns- one for practice and one for the finale! So use your time wisely!


Floor it to Wally World in Springville.
Find 26 items with titles in alphabetical order! Use one of your phones to complete as a group!
(i.e. Airheads, Band-aid, Clueless dvd, etc. all the way to Z!!)
Please send each pic to Marissa in the correct order on snapchat!
You may not take a picture of an apple (that has no words) and count that as an A object. It must have a title and be the first word of the title. I will not except “Fruit Rollups” for R, that would be for F.
Good luck!! If you mess up a letter in your snapchat order then I will make you start all over!!
Snapchat Marissa each image in order and she will text you you’re next clue


You must sign a liability waiver. Then get in line to complete the rock climbing wall and 30 ft free fall as fast as possible, in any order you choose! Don’t get stuck in line or in the back of the pack!


#4 ROADBLOCK (Pick one partner)
The human mouth has over 10,000 taste buds. Drive over to ***** **** ****** Dr. in Bluffdale (Chase’s parents house), ring the front doorbell, wait for someone to answer it, and ask for the Amazing Race special! ……. text Marissa which partner will be doing it before you get your next envelope.

IN A BASKET hidden in kitchen

Eat this plate of delicacies in 15 minutes.
Crickets, Octopus, and Fish Tofu!
If you can’t complete the plate in 15 minutes, then you must order a second and have two servings total! Water will be provided!
Bon Appetit!


Pick either/or! Work as a team! Do you have fast hands or fast feet? Choose your own challenge by your strengths. Let Julie know if you want to be fast with your hands or feet and she’ll give you your next clue!

HANDS: Catch one chicken and put them in their coop! Find for your next clue by the coop.

FEET: Go to this youtube link and both of you must learn this dance. When you want to perform it and pass it off, go find Marissa in the basement. Break a leg!!


ROADBLOCK (Pick a partner)
Who loves to travel? Pick one of you to complete this challenge. If one of you did the other two roadblocks, the other partner automatically has to do this one. You each must do two roadblocks each! Good luck! Julie will give the partner that is chosen part 2 in the front yard. You cannot ask each other for help……  text Marissa which partner will be doing it before you get your next envelope.


Place these 10 countries in their correct geographical spot with a star (for the spot) and their name next to the star! If you can’t do a country or two or three…... there will be some time penalties for every country you miss. You can take as much as time as you want. No using your phone for help or asking your partner. You could see if another team performing the task would be gracious enough to help you. But I doubt it! You can ask Julie if it’s correct as many times as you want. There will be no time penalties for multiple tries; just if you give up.

Sri Lanka
South Africa
South Korea
New Zealand

# 7
Phillip Gates Memorial Park in Bluffdale!

The AMAZING RACE movie compilation

and some hot tub, ping pong, homemade pizzas, and outdoor fun after the race was over!!!

Caleb and Dad visit plus more

This past week Caleb and my Dad visited during Caleb's spring break! We had some good times and lots of laughs. Pic time!
Boarding their plane in Houston!

Dad with his sons and we feel Garrett watching over :) and Jesus apparently too. Always.

and they graciously let me be in one!

Dad took Capri to Chuck-a-rama to meet up with some Ross's

Pappa and Millie at church

Sunday dinner and games at Grant and Taylor's house

Some park and spikeball time! Looking classy on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Uncle Cay is a fav

My dad and Cay went out to Roosevelt for a couple days. Hard to see, even in a pic. My mom and I will go out in May when the tombstone is in.

Some BYU lunch

Crazy kids

And on their last night we had a bonfire at Nunn's park! Tradition :)

This pic is perfect!!!

It was a great trip and I'll put the amazing race fun in it's own post!
Now to catch up for the rest of the week sans the visitors!
Trying to take a pic of my lipsense for a friend and caught that model in the background. 
Trying to show Julie Sawyer's outfit before church started.

Came home from church to the aftermath of a lovely windstorm...the wall got so high that they started flipping into our facility behind the gate..... Eyeroll!

There life everyday all day! This hallway hooks to the office so as I'm working, they are sprinting and scootering back and forth!

Been going to DI and savers! Finding some serious winners for 50 cents! Been building my Harry Potters too. What a blessing.

My cousin Lauryn came over to visit. Presh!

Capri came into our bed one morning bc Sawyer wanted to cry at 4 am! 

An FHE bowling good time

They always have to warm up for a good 5 minutes after bath time!

Becca and her two munchkins came to visit this week too!
"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one other up instead of tearing each other down." aka my quote for becca.

 I've been seeing the other Becca tons too but I never take pics bc it's daily. She's bringing her daughter over in an hour actually. Then babysitting my kids tonight while I go to the temple. last night we played and had Taco CD MX (of course!) Then Beauty and the Beast date Tuesday! Making new soul sister friends is a serious blessing. Women need women :) 

but I need this man even more.... the good ole e.c.!

Had a really fun date last weekend adulting at Chase's work banquet dinner at the Grand America Hotel. He won an award too and I'm sooooo happy he's loving his job. Seeing him fulfilled and on a career path he is enjoying is a dream for me. He graduates from UVU in 5 weeks and we couldn't be more thrilled. It feels good to know our plans after graduation and have our ducks in a row. I'm sure a curve ball or two will come, but for now we feel like put together adults!