Friday, March 17, 2017

Caleb and Dad visit plus more

This past week Caleb and my Dad visited during Caleb's spring break! We had some good times and lots of laughs. Pic time!
Boarding their plane in Houston!

Dad with his sons and we feel Garrett watching over :) and Jesus apparently too. Always.

and they graciously let me be in one!

Dad took Capri to Chuck-a-rama to meet up with some Ross's

Pappa and Millie at church

Sunday dinner and games at Grant and Taylor's house

Some park and spikeball time! Looking classy on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Uncle Cay is a fav

My dad and Cay went out to Roosevelt for a couple days. Hard to see, even in a pic. My mom and I will go out in May when the tombstone is in.

Some BYU lunch

Crazy kids

And on their last night we had a bonfire at Nunn's park! Tradition :)

This pic is perfect!!!

It was a great trip and I'll put the amazing race fun in it's own post!
Now to catch up for the rest of the week sans the visitors!
Trying to take a pic of my lipsense for a friend and caught that model in the background. 
Trying to show Julie Sawyer's outfit before church started.

Came home from church to the aftermath of a lovely windstorm...the wall got so high that they started flipping into our facility behind the gate..... Eyeroll!

There life everyday all day! This hallway hooks to the office so as I'm working, they are sprinting and scootering back and forth!

Been going to DI and savers! Finding some serious winners for 50 cents! Been building my Harry Potters too. What a blessing.

My cousin Lauryn came over to visit. Presh!

Capri came into our bed one morning bc Sawyer wanted to cry at 4 am! 

An FHE bowling good time

They always have to warm up for a good 5 minutes after bath time!

Becca and her two munchkins came to visit this week too!
"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one other up instead of tearing each other down." aka my quote for becca.

 I've been seeing the other Becca tons too but I never take pics bc it's daily. She's bringing her daughter over in an hour actually. Then babysitting my kids tonight while I go to the temple. last night we played and had Taco CD MX (of course!) Then Beauty and the Beast date Tuesday! Making new soul sister friends is a serious blessing. Women need women :) 

but I need this man even more.... the good ole e.c.!

Had a really fun date last weekend adulting at Chase's work banquet dinner at the Grand America Hotel. He won an award too and I'm sooooo happy he's loving his job. Seeing him fulfilled and on a career path he is enjoying is a dream for me. He graduates from UVU in 5 weeks and we couldn't be more thrilled. It feels good to know our plans after graduation and have our ducks in a row. I'm sure a curve ball or two will come, but for now we feel like put together adults!

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Kelly said...

OK that last picture is amazing. You and Chase are gorgeous!!!