Friday, March 24, 2017


 It's been feeling like spring here the last couple weeks.  I guess as of a couple days ago it is officially spring. 
Yesterday was frigid but I've blocked that. 
After 3 years of talking about it, this spring Chase and I invested in a bike trailer!! The kids love it (don't mind Sawyer adjusting to his helmet life haha) and I enjoy it so much, too!

That one time I packed up the kids and drove an inch and thought I ran over something. Got out to see what I smashed.... Nope just rim on the ground. 
Satan trying to stop me from going to the temple with my boys. 

Why do they mock my selfie wants. At least they always comply in the end.

Fun doing baptisms with these lads.

Just love seeing my angel sleeping. 20 years from now I want to remember her hott mess sleeping self!

One of the cactus arrangements Ciara and I made. Obsessed. And one plant I can keep alive. 

Been organizing my storage unit and books. Found this treasure in an old journal. A fond memory with the older siblings and dad one winter in Utah. I think I was in 7th grade? I know I'll spend my whole life missing Garrett. Grateful for the gospel and knowledge it brings me.

Another mistake asking a boy to take a group selfie!

Beauty and the Beast did not disappoint! I LOVED it. I went with Capri two days after and her and I are in agreement that "mom, you need to buy that movie for us!" 
"What was your fav part, Capri?" 
"I just loved everything. Absolutely everything. Not the wolves or when Gaston or the Beast were mean though."

I can't decide if it's cute or scary how many times she requests to "take a pic with me, mom." or "put lipstick on."

Going to Costco with your friend seems as unproductive as we thought. 
Haha but it was still fun. 

And my sister found out yesterday she's having a GIRL!!!!! Can't wait to snuggle that baby girl (idk when! that's a sad thought.) and see pics of the baby in August!! 

And this snapchat and chill moment in the car captured of Sawyer kill me. Cutest little man!

We both enjoyed our Mommy-Daughter date last night soooo much. Capri was a spoiled girl and I'll cherish that memory just the two of us forever! 
"Mom, I thought you said it was just the two of us going to the movies. Who are all these people in here then?" hahah she has a memory like an elephant and has always been quite the observer! 

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Lauryn Koski said...

Capri kills me! You are all such cuties!