Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter Weekend and Grant's Bday!

Friday morning my beautiful sis-in-law showed up at my house at 8 am!! She wanted to have a niece and nephew day! Be my guest! And the kids were in heaven! All Chase and I do is work, work, work so the kids love to get out of the house. 
Later that night Cory, Jessica, and Preston came in town for the weekend. We had a lovely big family Easter weekend!

While I worked at the office Saturday, Chase and the kids spent the day with the fam. They went to City Creek and Uncle Cory bought Capri that Minnie. She's inseparable from Minnie now. Thanks CORY! 
Capri loves her cousins so much!

Then a little face painting Saturday at the helicopter easter egg drop in Riverton. I almost whispered to the painter to put a "Y" on his cheek. But I didn't want Preston to be yelled at in public by his father. Haha. 

What lack of naps looks like!

Autumn and Sawyer love each other a lot! Sawyer is finally into hugging and kissing his friends. You're welcome Autumn, Olivia, Luke, etc! 

A little Easter church for us! Chase and I went to 9 am church while the rest of the fam went to 11 am church. Capri went with her cousins to 11 am church and I left Sawyer to nap during 9 am church...... so we felt like young kids really able to hear the messages! Church felt extra amazing! But we'll bring our kids from now on still.... I guess :)

Then waiting and playing in the front yard! I love watching kids be kids.

Grandma Julie was still Grandma Julie this Easter! 
She always says "this is the last year I'm going all out" and Ciara panics bc she hasn't had her grandchildren yet hahaha. But we know it's never the last year! 

Some of their haul! They had multiple hunts! 
Capri patiently waiting to be heard. 

My little "herd" (I googled what a pack of bunnies was called)

I can't get enough of this family! 

Sawyer kept his BYU backpack on all day. It was cute. And hazardous. It's not like his face could get more beat up...... probably.

Uncle Grant chillin!


9/10 pics are with Taylor looking down. That goob.  

 All the lack of naps caught up to him. He never falls asleep from having his back tickled! During Kong with Aunt Ciara was the perfect combo for him obvi!

And this documentation......

And now some pics of my poor son..... I am no helicopter mom, but I am still safe. Adults nearby. No hazordous objects or liquids for my kids. You know! 
That doesn't stop Sawyer from tripping on nothing but carpet and falling on a kid bench with his cheek when I was one step away. (The main black eye.)
Tripping on nothing but grass and hitting his forehead on the cement patio when the whole family was inches away. 
Tripping going up the steps when Taylor was right by him and hitting his forehead on the cinder block step. 
Going up the stairs at the playground when Ciara was right next to him and hitting hit eyebrow on the next step. 
I will try to video a pic of him running. His legs are so stout and his arms flail as he runs full speed at all times! I don't think he's learning from these injuries but what can I do? According to Aunt Ci I should keep him in his crib for a couple days while he heals. HAHA.

Had a nice morning at the park earlier this week. A mom told me "I think your son has dirt on his face". I said "No those are all bruises." Haha. I didn't know her from Adam but I'm sure she was happy she was the parent following her kid around the playground while I was on a blanket reading my book.  
Capri: "Take a pic of me. Don't I look cute with my hands on my heart." 
I always ask her where she comes up with this stuff!

My babes!

Then on Grant's birthday on Wednesday we surprised him at 7:30 with donuts and DP! He thought it was outrageously early! I'd been up for hours!! Hahah!

Love him so much and the fact that he lives in Utah!!

He's learning the guitar so I got him some modern music books for the guitar. He got a new bike and some discs for frisbee golf from Kristi. And more DP from his roomie Tay. And lots of love! He's 21 and we'll be karoaking at Chase's aunts restaurant (cough bar cough) soon!

WE CAN'T WAIT!! Chase leaves for Europe in 12 days but technically graduation is in 13 days (he refuses to walk or do anything ceremonial) but I'm making him take pics in Cody's cap and gown for my pic documentation next week!! 
I have been having nightmares the past year that Chase tells me graduation is pushed back for one more semester and he's sorry. Haha don't even think about it! Oh sweet victory! It's almost here.

And this morning while I was trying to do laundry! 

Well I better go switch the loads! Over and out!

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