Monday, April 3, 2017

March Madness

I am not into the NBA, but my life still feels like March Madness. Officially April Madness now I suppose. My work is kicking my butt. I'm averaging 60 hours of work a week, with my kiddos, and sickness (chronic and temporary!) and other life hurdles! But there's a lot to be grateful for and that's what this blog will focus on. Last week, I was trained on being a uhaul dealer on top of everything. I mentioned something to my friend when we were sharing our crazy mornings with each other via text and she brought over dinner and flowers. With everything she had going on, that was above and beyond. Later that week when I found an extra hour, I made her dinner. Serving really helped! Even when you don't feel you have a minute to spare, you can find time for service. And it makes the service feel even sweeter! 
It was the sweetest and most delicious and very beautiful! Thanks, Becca. 

Grateful for Sunday. My only day off (almost always- bc people can still ring the bell and call) but technically the office is closed! I love Sundays! Having it be a day set aside from busy life means even more now. The love, compassion, and wisdom of the Savior has been something I've needed so much this last year and I hope I never lose this yearning!

 Even if Chase or I spend half of sacrament meeting in the hall with this hooligan. He is such a different child than Capri was/is but we love him all the same! His many personality switches in a five second time frame. My kids know how to turn it on for the camera, hahah. 

Then one Saturday evening, my in-laws were in Vegas so they needed their house and pets babysat. We had fun! And made up games. We played a little relay game. My team won (Bryton, Ciara, and me) so we didn't have to clean up the dinner and kitchen!

The graceful losers!

 I took this little man to a professional barber for the first time. It was way easier, but I think I'll still cut his hair most of the time! I will put a show on- that was the real stroke of genius by this company!  

Been talking about the addiction, prevention, and harms of pornography with family and friends a lot lately- so I bought this shirt after researching this company. 
Lots of people mock Utah for taking stands on this issue. Yes, there may be BIGGER issues than pornography destroying the world, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that pornography IS a problem. The root of many problems, in my opinion. So I'm going to advertise by wearing my shirt and maybe someone will ask this topic!

Able to make it to my weekly zumba class last week. I just love it. I'm a broken record for expressing my love but that's life. 

  For months now Capri has been asking questions about my ears and wanting her ears pierced. We decided to take the plunge last Saturday evening. She did great. She cried a little when she realized the other ear needed to be punched, too. (The second employee was on break! and they didn't do both ears at the same time!) But she was super tough and looks so cute with them. They accidentally put in expensive earrings (but still charged us for the cheapest since it was their mistake- what luck!)
 She has been a trooper at letting me rotate and clean them 3 times a day since. 
I have a video- I'll find it and update this post later.

Conference weekend was much enjoyed by me and some extras, too! I really enjoyed Holland, Costa, Uchtdorf, and Andersen's talk! I can't wait to re-listen and study all of them these next six months.
Conference and family time two days straight (with some work Saturday). and then park visits, bike rides, and family meals before, in between, and after the sessions. Long-lasting family memories.

Capri wanted to color during one of the sessions; i snuck into her room to get her art supplies. Chase put Sawyer to nap in just his diaper. Big mistake. YIKES. We debated waking him to put his diaper back on. We just let him keep sleeping. And it looked like everything stayed dry! Haha!

This pic, I don't really love, but it was a cute moment I want to write down. We (aka Cody and I) made omelets for our whole house before Conference. I sat next to Chase after and he kept looking over at me and telling me how cute I looked. He asked if we could take a pic- that's a big deal. So I said yes. It wasn't anything special and we're both pretty sick (the flu I believe) but I just love how he always find this hot mess attractive. It's a blessing!

Now I'm in between customers, listening to Capri and Millie pretending and playing, Sawyer is napping, and I hope this week is less crazy than last.
 I have to hold on for one more month- because Chase graduates this month FINALLY and everything will be easier after that (knock on wood!) 
We have sacrificed so much as a family to get Chase through school and it's all worth it. Chase working multiple jobs, school, and balancing a family when most college kids live a more carefree life (I know I was a free spirit in college). 
I've needed to work while we've decided to start our family in this chapter, and spend many hours solo with the kids. But we're closer than ever and have created such a supportive community around us these past 5 years! Our anniversary is in a month (facebook reminded me! thanks for the heads up!) from today and so I'm in reflecting mode haha!
 Another cute shot of Sawyer switching his attitude real quick when he realizes he's on camera! I die!

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