Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rides and All-nighters

Just playing some catch up with life as of late!
 A fun Spring Break playdate! These girls play so well together for hours. I love them so!

Last weekend, there were 6 of us that did a full facility cleaning, detailing, and check at the storage facility! It took all 6 of us with 3 hard-working hours to get it done! Full of dust and dirt but joy for a clean, perfect facility! I don't have an hour to spare, and definitely don't have 18 hours by myself so I'm so grateful for their helping hand!

  Last week, Capri was avoiding bedtime (again). We've started a chart system (again) and it's going well the last 5 days. 
Anyways. She asked Dad if her and him could go play at the trampoline place or at the park. Chase went on to tell her that they'd have to break in with a rock smashing the window and then probably get chased by the police.... Capri ended up crying bc she didn't want to go to jail. (It was 8:30 mind you!) I was calming her down and reviewing good choices. Oh boy! Then I told her that Wal-mart never closes. She was then pressuring Chase to take her to play at Walmart..... and he said yes! WHAT????? Haha then she asked if she could stay up and never go to bed. So he convinced her they were going to pull an all-nighter. I was in bed in my PJs. 
I washed my hands of these shenanigans and went to sleep. But I still got the snapchats! Haha! They were in bed by 10 pm but still! What is this life? Haha. We know who the cool parent is. 

Saturday, after the office closed, we went on a family bike ride down the Provo Canyon! All down-hill with beautiful scenery. My type of ride!


And a couple days ago I received a text from Taylor telling me to look at how many instagram posts I had posted...... Ope.........

 Another cute Sunday!!
And us with our sunbeams, enjoying an easter video after our lesson! Look how well-behaved they look. Be not deceived! But they are stinkin' cute. 

Lastly, we've been prepping for Easter egg hunts this weekend. For FHE, we did our dozen egg easter lesson. Then Sawyer and Capri competed in finding empty easter eggs! They are easily pleased! 
Well, that's all for now folks. Over and out!

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Kristy Grimm said...

Oh my gosh Chase! So funny! The kids are killing me in those outfits 😍😍