Monday, May 1, 2017


Just messing with the camera and lighting before our photo sesh! And a quick pic with our photographer! 
I just love Cody to bits. Chase and him are leaving for Europe in less than 48 hours. If something happens to them, I will lose my two bestest friends! I will miss them terribly while they're gone! I'm an over-thinker! Shocker! And THANKS GOODNESS my mom is coming to visit while they peace out! 

Ok so SOME BIG NEWS!!! Chase is DONE WITH SCHOOL! He took his last final a couple hours ago and he's officially graduated! I am soooooo thrilled. I am soooo happy - even more happy on his graduation day than on my own! Haha! I finally feel like I'm done with college- as in that chapter is closed for my little world now that he's done! Let the real world and real money begin! 
Chase isn't actually having a graduation day bc he's anti-ceremonies and doesn't wanna do the whole shebang. Who cares! At least I got my pic of him in his cap and gown (that he borrowed from Cody! Thanks!) and now he's off to Europe and my mom is coming to stay with me. It's a win win win!

Here's some pics we took! Chase told me I can't post them on social media until actual UVU graduation day. But he doesn't read my blog so he won't know I did it here early! Haha! 

We had a family dinner for Chase's graduation and the grandkids' cuteness was killing me! 

So much so that I had them all sleepover!

And once again work is kicking my butt. 
Some are good kicks (as in tons of customers and good business).
Others are hiccups and problems! [How do you spell hiccups? It's no auto correcting and says it's wrong.]
And Sawyer has another earache so Capri climbed into my bed at 5 am! I was so over the drama of the week that I didn't even fight it! Capri loves to be laying on me or smack dab next to me at all times!  

Sawyer is a climber lately! And we just think he's the cutest. Hence the window sill pic. 
Yesterday was stressful and I ended the day with Julie and Dave bringing me dinner (AMAZING and so appreciated) and seeing the sun go down with my little clan! Rainbows after the rain! 
 Let's hope this week is even better and smoother! And safe travels to Cody and Chase. My bros going to visit their missions (Madagascar and Romania). Julie and Dave and the grandkids (not Sawyer- always the outsider haha) are going to Vegas for Preston's bday. And my mom traveling here! Welcome, MAY!