Friday, June 16, 2017

Dirty Dash and Hikes

Had a great park day with my cousin Lauryn and her now two-year old Finn!! So fun being in the same chapter of life and living in Utah together!

These best buds! 

 And my brother Grant and Dad are visiting Singapore and Japan this month! Seeing pics of my old house, playgrounds, and stomping grounds! I can't wait to go back and visit (no trip planned yet!)


Then had a great dinner date (just the two of us! AMAZING!) with my Singapore bff. We both moved to Singapore the summer before 5th grade and have been obsessed ever since. Bffaeaeaeootww.

And when I saw this old pic of Shelby, Garrett, and me I saw my future! With Shelby's bangs and Garrett's stupor look- I thought I was looking at Capri and Sawyer and baby number three! Still having stomach growls like crazy for my baby hungriness!

Some hide and seek!

And the dirty dash! I can't wait to do it again next year with Chase and more family and friends! Everyone come! It was a blast!

Then when all the Andersons were out of town for a family Georgian wedding- we visited Grandma Hanks in rehab! She's a crack up and I've never seen someone defy death so many times. We love her! Esp my kids! They have a special bond (aka TV and unlimited lollipops!)

More zumba. 

And cousin sleepovers and funny mom moments!

Then last night we went on a hike with family and friends up Dry Canyon Trial in Lindon! New goal: small hikes once a week and explore Utah trails more! So fun! And Capri really impressed me with her hiking and mental endurance! Sawyer is more of a pain hiking this year but I'll endure that one! Haha! I loved it and loved being out in nature! 

The only fam pic Chase would take....... eyeroll


 Well I'm glad I got caught up on my blog. Now to tackle my house and this migraine! I can do this.... with a smile on my face and smile for every customer too.

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you are looking fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine