Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fun and Strep Throat

There really has been a lot of fun the past week, up until Friday night when I started dying from strep throat. All the dramatics are valid for this episode of sickness. I can count how many times I've been for real sick in my adult life (need to visit the doctor sick) on one hand. Not including my many UC appointments. 
This sickness was bad bad!
It was psycho! 104 temperature, freezing, sweating, couldn't stand without passing out, throat swollen shut, double ear infection, and shaking for 2 days straight. I've never had strep throat before and I hope to never have it again. When I went to urgent care and asked to be euthanized, they tested the kiddos too. Sawyer came back positive (but no symptoms and has been on antibiotics for three days so I think he's in the clear for the hell part) and Chase and Capri avoided it all together! Lucky ducks. Chase has paid me back in three days by doing EVERYTHING. His three days make up for the past 5 years of me being the more catering one in the marriage. The score is now even! That's how grateful I am for him helping with the kids, house, and office! And that's how debilitating I was. Anyways. Back to the fun. 

I love this pic of Ben and Chase sharing connected camping chairs! Ha!

The new tibble fork reservior was fun. Gave me a heart attack a couple times bc Capri has no fear of water and I looked away for one second and she was down the bank in her floatie!

Then the tinfoil dinners and bonfire part!

Hiking and avoiding the busy street where the 1 year-olds had no fear.
When you ask Chase to take your pic and he turns the camera on himself......

I had the brilliant idea to have a cousin day (before great-grandma Hanks party at her rehab facility later that evening). I thought I'd keel over by noon but the kids loved it and it was worth it in hindsight! It was really Sawyer that gave me a run for my money and I have him everyday so the cousin part was great.

After lunch they watched some of the new Beauty and the Beast and then we went to grandma Hanks rehab party! It was a blast!

And when Grant and Dad were in Japan visiting family friends, they found old pics from the first time we lived in Indiana. Classic. 

And some apostate pics of my baptism. Illegal. And maybe it's even more illegal since I'm saving them on my public blog. Classic. 

Then our friends the Stansels dropped their son off at the MTC and we had dinner, games, and a fun evening together!

And after a week of frustrations, I finally finished this puzzle! I'm proud. This puzzle doesn't have straight sides either. It's very curvy and strange. My biggest puzzle yet by myself. I am not Michele Schroedter. 

Then last week Tay and I were able to go do a sesh together. Much needed! 

then we played this prank on Chase's mom........ it was amazing!
Ciara was our accomplice and let us know how it was going. We added that we charged her Visa ending in "1234" and that's what really scared Julie!

Woke up from one of my many naps (7 hours worth one day) on Saturday to these cute pics. Capri was loving the Daddy attention all day. Then Sunday, I woke up and the house was deep cleaned! That's my favorite!

and strep had taken over my life so much I didn't even care that Sawyer was in this outfit from uncle cory! 

Well I'm still sick but am able to stand, go to the store, and function at a normal level. Soon I'll be at my sonic productive psycho level but for now I'm still recovering! It's almost July and I'm stoked. This summer has been great so far but more to come! Camping, Stadium of Fire, Texas fam coming in town, my birthday, family reunions, big hikes, and more fun fun fun! Over and out.


Kelly said...

WHY did your mother give you that hair for your entire childhood??? Did she secretly (or not so much) not love you?

Kristy Grimm said...

I can't believe you were that sick! That is awful! Glad you are feeling better and the kiddos and Chase didn't catch it.