Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 and such

The weekend before Memorial Day, we got together with some fam and friends at Nunn's park. It was super fun (but also scary bc of how high the river was. I was a wreck keeping an eye out for Sawyer the whole evening. and for good reason since that precious 4 year-old-died and 2 of the adults that went in after her in the Provo River days later.) Prayers! 
But on a lighter note, we had a lot of fun, good food, good company, and good laughs!

Kissing on this dude for finally coming back from Europe!

And I love the magnets him and Tay brought back for me!

And a cousin sleepover for these two when Daddy was still gone. Capri and Chantelle. They shared the bed with me! I had a barrier of pillows and survived Capri's wild kicks!

Our fun nook that mom and I created!

Loving the instagram filters

I tried to rush to the temple last week. It was closed for cleaning. I made it there without the kids, without work (chase was covering the office), or any distractions!
I enjoyed over an hour of alone, quiet, meditation time on the grounds. It was surreal and so special to me.

A fun wedding date for Brian and Annika. Congrats!

And this sweet aunt babysat my kids on Friday and the kids loved it. She may regret it because Sawyer woke at 2 am (she got him out of his crib...... rookie mistake) and he didn't go asleep again until 4 am. She is learning so much with her nieces and nephews! She's such a hands-on, amazing aunt! Big clarification: an 18-month-old at night is NOTHING like a newborn! 
Haha their sleep-over experiences explained in pic!

That Friday was also Garrett's 30th birthday. Another milestone to get through this first year. 
I know heaven is close and our loved ones are all around us. These past 8 months have taught me that stronger than ever before. 

and I don't have a pic but must say how grateful I am for my family friend, Danielle Freeze. She is originally my parents' friend from when we lived in Indiana the first time (I was in 2nd grade). But these last years in Utah (where she lives now with her fam) and esp this last year, she has become such a close friend. She is always giving, so selfless, and checking up on me about Garrett and my personal stresses and joys! It's been amazing. She'll just stop by my house with flowers, a great quote, balloons, or just anything (since she knows I'm here 9 to 6 everyday doing my storage facility thing). and I LOVE IT. Her friendship and giving spirit has been a true strength to me this past year especially. I hope to repay the service and be a reciprocating friend. Her example of love and service has been very eye-opening and makes me want to be a better person. She doesn't read my blog that I know of but I want it here for my record. She's been a true light in my life.

I got to babysit and have a 3-day weekend of sleep overs with this sweet petunia!! I am so grateful for living close and always have such a close relationship with Mills. 
We spent most of Memorial Day weekend camping out at the Anderson's house in bluffdale! That's my kind of camping! aka Sawyer in the house and a full-stocked house 100 yards away!

Taylor learning to ride a motorcycle on Bryton's bike!

Ready for church! These perfect cousins. 

Ready for my lesson on "Gathering the Family of God" 
It went smoothly, the Spirit was present, and I have more confidence for next month now!
I am no longer a sunbeam teacher, but now a Relief Society teacher!.
 6.5 years in primary is a hard adjustment to walk away from! More experiences to gain in RS now.

Sunday was also my sweet mother-in-law's birthday! She is truly one of my best friends and such a rock in my life. I'm so blessed with two close families that love and support my newer edition of a family!
Copied from social media: 
"Happy birthday to the most loving, welcoming, and giving mother-in-law!

Now 58 reasons i love you. No significant reason why I chose 58 😉
1. Always with open arms 👐
2. Craziest, loudest, funniest fam
3. Cries with you and cries even after you've collected yourself
4. Helped me get through waiting for her missionary son
5. Would cry when cooking eggs when chase was in Brazil bc chase loves eggs 🍳
6. Babysits my kids more than anyone
7. Overnight dates for the win
8. She loves to reiterate a point with the word "again"
9. She taught my children the word shiz....
10. She cleans up more bodily fluid from her mom that lives w/her than I do with two young kids 💩
11. She's got a rockin bod #medfast 
12. She is an amazing cook
13. She keeps Costco and kohls in businesss
14. She endures our pranks and harassing daily 
15. She takes in strays like she's the pound 
16. We've had some fun road trips to California 🚙
17. When in Amish country, the horse and buggies will pass her🐴
18. When she's on the phone in the hov lane, she'll be the one going fifteen under the speed limit
19. Ive had the tenderest moments where she bears her testimony and heartfelt memories with me
20. She's sitting here giving me ideas of what to put down 
21. She doesn't mind being mocked when she tells the story of a UFO 
22. She gave birth to the best human boy alive
23. She's always been my second mom and home 🏡
24. She has "sexy can I" as her ringtone 
25. She will give and give until it kills her
26. She is so creative and crafty
27. She's an entrepreneur and used to own her own store like hobby lobby
28. She has all kinds of chronic pain but never complains or stops working
29. She has provided me almost every decoration and holiday craft I own
30. She's fiercely loyal and will go to bat for those she loves 🦇 
31. She can barely remember my wedding day bc she got in a car accident. She was still there looking fabulous.
32. We like to watch bachelor together and other shows 
33. I love to sit at the kitchen bar and talk w/her for hours
34. She's the best person to lend an ear when I'm at my wits end w/her lovely son... 👂I would do more but instagram won't allow.... you're welcome"


I'm loving Instagram videos bc they're like family videos on youtube for me now and forever!

Then took the girls (just nail painting) and Ciara and Dave (ha!) to get pedicures. I was trying to distract Ciara for her surprise bday party that was later that afternoon! Her actual bday was Wednesday (a lot of birthday in one week right?!) and we had a surprise party for her Monday evening!!

and lastly, one of my new favorite tricks of Sawyer's. He just yells and calls for "Chase". He no longer says "Dada"! hahaha. What can we do? He is determined that his name is "Chase"!
This morning in the office I heard him yelling "Chase" out the window and sure enough, Chase pulled up from one of his insurance appointments and was parking! Haha!

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