Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More Summertime

Another successful weekend camping and making memories. 
It really was the best weekend! Family, friends, pickleball, park, camping, work, carnivals, sunday, church, bike rides, etc! Heaven! 
And I wanted to save this quote Chase posted with the pic above bc he's so sweet and it was truly unprompted!
Chase's post: "I married the best girl I know! Now she is a mother and a woman I love her even more. I love all our inside jokes and how we can have fun in any situation. I am excited for an eternity of smiling!"

And here's that TMI i'm always talking about but it's so funny and legit to me!
And last night, had a great FHE with some Schroedter cousins that were in town and live up in Riverton. 
Disney Trivia was amazing when you got a question right but almost always nearly impossible! Haha! I will be buying the child version and also The Office trivia game bc that sounds amazing as well! Family is such a blessing! Love these goobs and auto friends! 

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