Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Garrett's Last Hike

Woke up early Saturday morning to pack up, get balloons, and hike to Garrett's last hike. 
I started off with 9 balloons and made it to the lake with 8. Not bad considering all the branches and  hazardous bushes along the way. 
I counted after a couple interactions with people hiking down and all the attention the balloons were giving us. 
16 groups wished me Happy Birthday and 8 groups asked me if the balloons helped lighten my load while hiking. The first couple times I told people they were for a memorial for our brother (but people get depressed real quick) and so then I just started saying, "Thank you" and "Haha yeah that's clever! Like 'Up'!" 

This hike wasn't as bad or long as Timp, but it was 3 hours of straight stair master steepness just to the Lake. and then double that to the peak. We had evening plans, we were pooped, and Julie was watching Capri, Sawyer, and Millie. 
Mom, Chase, Cody, and I just did the first half. The rest of the crew went to the peak! We got off the mountain at around 2:30 pm. They didn't get off the mountain until 6:30 pm. There is no path from the lake to the peak and we now know how scary it really is. I know it may seem morbid, but the main reason I wanted to do the hike was to feel closer to Garrett and visually see the heights and where he fell. 
In the next pic on the left side of the peak is a bunch of loose rock. The detective told my mom and me that the helicopter found him in the middle of those loose rocks toward the West end of the peak. So he fell straight down the  top to the loose rocks and then slid down some. It reassured me that he didn't suffer overnight since Search and Rescue didn't find him for 22 hours from the time he fell till the helicopter got there. 
He was doing what he loved and he did hikes like this multiple times a week. Man, he was in shape! Miss you, bro!

Taylor was cracking us up with the snacks he brought. Apparently he went to the store the night before at midnight. He had the most random treats and a whole smorgasbord.

The releasing of the balloons. This day filled my heart with so much family love that I thought it would burst. What an amazing day. 

Then the rest of the crew left and I tried to catch up to them to tell them we were leaving and not going to wait around. I couldn't find them in time but Cody took this lovely snap of me. HAHA. You know when you look at yourself in the mirror and angle yourself a certain way, and then see candid pics and have to do a double take. Classic.

and some pics of the others with their journey to the peak: 

and of course I teared up when I saw Taylor post this. 
She truly is Garrett's heart. 
We love you and miss you every single day, Garrett. We are so grateful we know where you are, the love we know is surrounding you, and that we will see you again without a doubt! I can't wait for that hug!!!!

and back at the Anderson's while we showered, cleaned up, and waited for the others to join us-this went down. CUTE! 

Rents in Town

Another Sunday pic of Sawyer slaying it!

(p.s. my mom deleted this video on my phone but chase reovered it for me and i'm so glad!)
Why did my mom hesitate staying with us instead of Taylor's house? Case and point:

After Garrett's hike, we went to my aunt and uncle's house! So much fun, love, laughter, games, touring, and competition! Learned a new game. I can't wait to try at our next game night. I found it online if you want to play! CLICK LINK. It's awesome! and simple. I'd say 8-18 people is a good range.

We met with many family friends. I have pics from this Sunday park outting with the Freeze's. We've known them since I was 7 years old and this is the Danielle Freeze that has been an angel to me with Garrett's passing. What a fun night! Food, park, spikeball, tennis, and lots of talking! My fav. 

Temple to Temple 5 K Run (aka walk for us!)
We were all super sore from Garrett's hike still and walked from the Provo Temple to Provo City Center Temple on Pioneer Day! It was a nice morning! The line for the shuttle was just as long as the race.... so that was outrageous but we made the most of it! 
These pics kill me! Capri is loving rollie pollies and ladybugs lately! 
And father and son on the curb. I'm dead!

Waiting in line: 

Start to finish! Chase was there too but refused to walk 50 feet for the start picture and went to Taylor's house (one block from the finish line) and wasn't there for the finish line pic. Classic! 
Now my parents are out in Roosevelt. Ross Reunion this weekend. Me and the brothers are leaving today and Chase is catching up with us tomorrow! What a great time of the year!

So close to 30!

 My parents came on my birthday eve! I turned 28 on Thursday. I am so close to 30 it's freaky! But I don't feel any different and don't care (yet!) 
I had a great birthday week :)

Tennis with Caleb. I beat him the first couple sets (he was rusty from not playing for a couple years!) and he's beat me every day since..... 12 years my junior. Ouch!

Just wanna remember this sweet tribute. He woke up early and posted it before I woke up. He knows I shallowly care about social media posts like this!

In the evening we went to Extreme Lowe's Sports. 
Right at the get-go we did the ninja warrior course. I did the climbing wall (aka made it and hung there [because no way could i pull myself up-even my skinniest self couldn't do pull-ups well]) and I tried to slide down. I ended up tripping over my feet and slow motion somersaulting, snapping my head back, scraping my face on the ground, and hitting my head on a metal pole. Chase said it was one of the best falls he's ever seen (and he watches falls on youtube for fun). Of course my dad stopped videoing RIGHT BEFORE the fall. I was in SO much pain. I've never felt so old on a birthday. I thought I might have a concussion, I had scrapes and bruises all over, and wanted to cry. But a bunch of middle schooler boys were watching and i held it together. It would have been the best post for my 28th birthday and to foreshadow how my year was going to go! Haha!

Uncle Taylor is the BEST and they happened to match so of course my dad snapped a pic. 

Becca stopped by in the morning and visited with these sweet flowers. The sweetest card and giving me a bff date voucher! It will be in August! It's a surprise she's planned for half the day with no kids. I'm so stoked!

Kristi gave me gift cards and this AMAZING candy bouquet. I am obsessed! and had to share it with everyone immediately bc I could eat all that in a couple days easily. and shouldn't!

It was a great day! Family, shopping, sports, dinner, and a lot of love!