Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jam Packed Fun

This month has been crazy and great. We've been go-go-go. I'm exhausted and loving the memories! Let's recap the first half of the month!
Had a fun evening at Spanish Fork outdoor movies watching Finding Dory!

Lot of splash pad and water fun. Summer time. Obvi!

More slo mo scaring. It's Chase's thing now.

"He looks like Boss Baby!" -Capri

This little mr. potato head

One day, Becca and I had a great idea to walk miles to the park at high noon day sun..... It was death. And once we got there, Capri had to poop. So we turned around and headed back. Got a lot of steps on my fitbit though!

Date night! Buffalo Wild Wings and Tennis! 
I won both sets. Wasn't allowed to say that on instagram but he doesn't read my blog!

I am such a millennial parent now. I called Chase to come home and help me get a sliver out of Capri's foot. He said he didn't want to cause her pain..... (eye roll)..... and I couldn't hold her down and get it out myself. Pus was coming out too. So off to the doctor we went. It was the most dramatic, exaggerated sliver I've ever seen! Numbing cream and the whole shebang! 

Ciara sent me this gem of Chase! hahahahah! Sawyer in 8 years??

Documenting Chase's first day of for real working and covering the office! I am now a stay-at-home mom except for here and there and every other Saturday :) It's glorious! And Chase is adjusting to my new found freedom! It's been so good for my health, too, and patience as a mom!

Then we went to Draper days and I saw Sierra from Survivor. 
I am a BIG SURVIVOR fan over here. Been watching it since i was 10 years old and Richard was always in his birthday suit! 


Then took a Sunday photo and Chase forbid me from posting it on social media. 
"You don't have to post a pic every Sunday." 

Looking rough but my besties are looking fabulous! We all met at my in-laws house in Bluffdale (in the middle of our houses). THANKS JULIE! I am so lucky with such welcoming and awesome in-laws. We had a play date with 10 kids and outdoor fun! We stayed outside the whole time in their dream backyard!

Sawyer was napping in this photo and we didn't want to wake baby Susan (4 weeks old!) 
Yum yum yum! 

Then had a nice MTC tour with the Andersons. The RM Andersons pointing at their missions! The new and old MTC was incredible! The memories, spirit, and work that is going on there was incredible!

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