Thursday, July 6, 2017

Onto July!

One of his many nap wake-up fits! He can be so grumpy even with adequate sleep!
and you can see his cut from falling off the toilet onto the rounded trash can (from the night before), too.

A bonfire, slip n slide, family campout! So fun!
Obviously Capri parties hard hahah!

this year again!
Hunter Hayes, Brian Reagan, Little Big Town!
with Ci and Cody!

Another church photo opp! After church glow (classic) and kid smiles (rare with 1 o'clock church)

And in RS we had a family history lesson and learned (auto correct is saying learned is not a word? is this true?!) more about Family Search (and the app.) If you download the app and log-in and then you can find "relatives around me". I was related to over 20 women in my RS!!!! and then Chase and I did it and we're relate from a great (*9) grandpa from the 1600's! My great (*9) grandma died at the age of 20 and then I believe Chase's great (*9) grandma was the second wife! It's through the Ross side for me and Julie's side for Chase! It was a cool find for us!

and then fourth of July fun!!! 
Grandma Sheryl's breakfast, spike ball, games, slip-n-slide kickball (as fun as it sounds!), hot tubbing, more games, great food, and fireworks!!

and this clown facetiming last night was a hoot! First my parents and then Chase's parents and the cousins!!!

Now Capri is in heaven with some of her cousins and Millie will be sleeping over tonight! These kids!!! Living around family is such a blessing!

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Kristy Grimm said...

Poor Sawyer and the ouchie! Little boys are so wild and Aaron is and will be the same :) How I wish they could play together!!! Looks like your summer is going awesome! I wish we could be there! David and I did that see how we are related thing too and we are 10th cousins!