Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rents in Town

Another Sunday pic of Sawyer slaying it!

(p.s. my mom deleted this video on my phone but chase reovered it for me and i'm so glad!)
Why did my mom hesitate staying with us instead of Taylor's house? Case and point:

After Garrett's hike, we went to my aunt and uncle's house! So much fun, love, laughter, games, touring, and competition! Learned a new game. I can't wait to try at our next game night. I found it online if you want to play! CLICK LINK. It's awesome! and simple. I'd say 8-18 people is a good range.

We met with many family friends. I have pics from this Sunday park outting with the Freeze's. We've known them since I was 7 years old and this is the Danielle Freeze that has been an angel to me with Garrett's passing. What a fun night! Food, park, spikeball, tennis, and lots of talking! My fav. 

Temple to Temple 5 K Run (aka walk for us!)
We were all super sore from Garrett's hike still and walked from the Provo Temple to Provo City Center Temple on Pioneer Day! It was a nice morning! The line for the shuttle was just as long as the race.... so that was outrageous but we made the most of it! 
These pics kill me! Capri is loving rollie pollies and ladybugs lately! 
And father and son on the curb. I'm dead!

Waiting in line: 

Start to finish! Chase was there too but refused to walk 50 feet for the start picture and went to Taylor's house (one block from the finish line) and wasn't there for the finish line pic. Classic! 
Now my parents are out in Roosevelt. Ross Reunion this weekend. Me and the brothers are leaving today and Chase is catching up with us tomorrow! What a great time of the year!

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