Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So close to 30!

 My parents came on my birthday eve! I turned 28 on Thursday. I am so close to 30 it's freaky! But I don't feel any different and don't care (yet!) 
I had a great birthday week :)

Tennis with Caleb. I beat him the first couple sets (he was rusty from not playing for a couple years!) and he's beat me every day since..... 12 years my junior. Ouch!

Just wanna remember this sweet tribute. He woke up early and posted it before I woke up. He knows I shallowly care about social media posts like this!

In the evening we went to Extreme Lowe's Sports. 
Right at the get-go we did the ninja warrior course. I did the climbing wall (aka made it and hung there [because no way could i pull myself up-even my skinniest self couldn't do pull-ups well]) and I tried to slide down. I ended up tripping over my feet and slow motion somersaulting, snapping my head back, scraping my face on the ground, and hitting my head on a metal pole. Chase said it was one of the best falls he's ever seen (and he watches falls on youtube for fun). Of course my dad stopped videoing RIGHT BEFORE the fall. I was in SO much pain. I've never felt so old on a birthday. I thought I might have a concussion, I had scrapes and bruises all over, and wanted to cry. But a bunch of middle schooler boys were watching and i held it together. It would have been the best post for my 28th birthday and to foreshadow how my year was going to go! Haha!

Uncle Taylor is the BEST and they happened to match so of course my dad snapped a pic. 

Becca stopped by in the morning and visited with these sweet flowers. The sweetest card and giving me a bff date voucher! It will be in August! It's a surprise she's planned for half the day with no kids. I'm so stoked!

Kristi gave me gift cards and this AMAZING candy bouquet. I am obsessed! and had to share it with everyone immediately bc I could eat all that in a couple days easily. and shouldn't!

It was a great day! Family, shopping, sports, dinner, and a lot of love!

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