Saturday, August 12, 2017

Preston week plus some


First and foremost I must welcome my littlest niece, Gretchen, into the world! And congrats to the Loud family! And a swift recovery to my warrior of a sister! I'm so happy for y'all! It's been a long wait and she's most definitely worth it! I have never wanted to live closer and come over every day and snuggle that angel! London is legit too far! Miss you!

And I'm super proud of myself bc last Friday Chase tackled replacing our compressor and fixing our AC. I was on shift while he was at his bros working on that. I had both kids with me and a full day stuck at home. So i decided to surprise Chase and move our WHOLE storage unit to a different (bigger) unit and organize it! It was a great idea. He loved the surprise and that it was magically done for him. He was peeved though and so was I.... because I threw out my neck. Surprise surprise. It was a lot of heavy lifting by myself. And a 50 lbs box got the better of me. But it was worth it! And it was a great work out. 

And I am obsessed with this nudist video!

And we went to the Moano showing at the BYU stadium field. It was a blast! We talked, played games, raced, and waited for the movie to start at sundown! 
These two are best pals! and they take such good care of each other! 

Grandpa Dave relaxing. So of course right after this pic the kids all tackled him!

More of the crew! I love my family so much!

Movie about to start and Capri and Chantelle are done with pics! 

That moment when you are watching netflix with Chase and Cody. You can't believe how well-behaved and quiet Sawyer is being on your lap.......... too good to be true!

He has his temper! I tried to get him to get on my lap, too, in this video. NO- he wants my lap to himself. Classic. 
He's let us know how he feels since about week 5 of his life! 
I'm loving all the time I get with the kids now that I'm not working during the week! These two bring me such joy!

So this post is called Preston week bc Preston came up from Vegas (my nephew) and Julie and myself packed a week of fun for all the cousins together! I'm exhausted and Julie had the kids twice as much as me! I don't know how she's functioning.

This was such a blast! Paddle boarding, floating, monkey in the middle, sand castles, and other games! 

This pic on the left of Ciara! Haha. She's drowning in three feet of water! Idk how this happens to her!

Tried sooo hard to get a pic of Becca and I both standing on the paddle board! Not easy since its almost 300 lbs of weight! Sinking and falling city! So fun though!
And Bec looks like one of those sexy womanly stickers guys have on their pick-up trucks here! Haha! And Chase won't stop flinging mud at us. Eye roll!

Then some game night at our house afterward!

Trying to get Chase to take a pic with me is a task!
And I always win out in the end :)

Dave and Julie got this new razor that can legally drive on the road (don't worry we didn't let Sawyer go out on the road on Charlotte's lap! Settle down!) 

Some will get it ;)

And then Becca gave me the sweetest card, flowers, and this gift voucher back on my birthday! I cashed it in on Monday and had a blast in park city! Just the two of us, lunch, talking for hours, alpine slide, and laughing until Becca had to grip her throat bc her throat muscles were hurting and I was having a wheezing fit from laughing! Thanks for being such a steady rock in my life Becca! We became inseparable a little over a year ago and I'm so glad she came into my life when she did. I needed a friend like her through the end of 2016 and 2017! And I know she feels it reciprocated bc she tells me constantly! She's amazing! Her whole fam is and I'm so glad our hubbies get along, too! And my brothers hang out with them just as much as me- soccer obsessed. Ok this paragraph has gone on too long. 


These kids are seriously so spoiled (auto-correct is telling me spoiled is not a word. is this true?) with amazing grandparents and the royal treatment!



Sawyer wasn't so sure about the pony rides, but then screamed when his turn was over. Of course! The kids had a blast, and we loved learning about the pioneer stories! 

I seriously look up to my mother-in-law in so many ways! Her maternal ways are INCREDIBLE! She's the best and I'm so happy to live so close to her, have deep talks with her, and feel her support constantly!


This was the most gorgeous hike I've ever been on in the summer time (and easy peasy!). It's one mile to the lake and one mile back. The scenery is incredible! It's very kid friendly and the lake, salamanders, and exploring were so awesome! I can't wait to go back!


Well we've had a full week and it's not over yet! I'm working this Saturday shift right now while they're all at the Bluffdale Parade, AF canyon, four wheeling, swimming, etc. I'll join them after my shift is over and bombard you with more pics I'm sure! Have an awesome weekend!

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