Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ross Reunion 2017 + some

Last week, we headed off to Roosevelt and the Uintah mountains for the 2017 Ross family reunion (My mom's side). It was a blast. The drive out there was a bit cramped (THANKS TAY for taking me early and letting my non-stop kids talk the whole way.) Chase followed us the next day. 

That night we went to visit Garrett's grave. Was really special being there with Grant, Tay, and Dad. 
Those may or may not be flowers from someone else's grave we borrowed for the pics...... Garrett was laughing I'm sure. 

Then the next morning before we headed off camping I had to capture Sawyer's most common phrase these days, "please mamma" aka "pzzzz papi" hahaha.

It was so fun with my 7 uncle's (and their fam's minus some daughters who had babies that week!) and my mom and grandparents. We played a lot of games, explored, and Shauna threw a great 'rodeo' themed reunion.  

Tent camping with a one-year old was interesting. He had to be on my face or in the crook of my neck at all times. He'd start off in his pack-n-play but by 2 or 3 am he'd wake up. Since he could see us, I would bring him in and make sure he was warm with me.

These studs were killing me

Killer sunset one evening my dad captured. 

Oh uncle Troy

and then this happened and then we had to take it to the next level

It was a great weekend. We rested at home all evening Saturday. Then when we woke up Sunday, Chase had the urge to make it a Ciara and Nathan and Sabbath day. We went to their church (one of the originals in the valley and it was amazing with the balcony, stained class, and carvings!) The kids (and all of us) were entranced. It was awesome. 

How real family pics are behind the scenes

Then we had dinner, the adults (minus me) helped with flyers and searching for #findpaulswenson, watched some impractical jokers, had naps, and then we went on a nice walk!

And Monday night for fhe, we had a fun night at Arlene's friends' pool. Caleb and Grant left for Texas the next day so it was a nice farewell.  

And we were all SOOOOO impressed with this chica. She saw us jumping off the 15 foot cliff and then jumped off a 5 foot rock, then a 8 foot rock, and then went right up to the big one and just jumped off!! Grown adults have to pep talk themselves to jump off. But not this fearless babe! She's amazing! 
And this video was taken by Tay on a rock so it doesn't even show how high it really is! Capri is a rockstar!

Thanks Arlene! We had a blast!

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Shelby Alisa said...

Does one of your cousins that just had a baby live here in KY? Bc I swear my brothers next door neighbors are your relatives.