Our Love Story

Growing up, I was always boy crazy! 

I've had many boyfriends, first kisses, and feelings of infatuation. I'm grateful for it all because it makes me appreciate and love Chase better. I choose my love and love my choice. I choose Chase. 
I met Chase at a miraculous time! I was livin’ it up in France. I was studying abroad and heard about this sexy new player that was dating, trying to date, or flirting it up with my roommates back in Provo! I got some emails about him with some humorous stories and some “this guy thinks he’s cool” stories or “this guy is causing competitive contention” stories! Once when I was skyping my roomies back in Ptown, he was in the background. So of course I stated, “Who is that staring at me?” and he crawls right up to the computer and introduces himself. “Oh so you’re Chase!” He liked my spunk from the beginning! And I thought- Oh brother, how silly this guy is for causing so much chaos with my roomies! I thought he’d for sure be gone by the end of the semester. Our apartment was good at shuffling through guys and moving on! We still ended up facebook friends.
 I went back to Texas for the summer and we facebook chatted and texted like we were bffs. It was a crazy summer and I was ready to be back in Provo for the fall. 

I drove into Provo and went straight to Kelly’s- of course! I had been texting Chase and he told me he wanted to meet when he got off work! I told Kelly and we planned a big movie night for that night.

However, Kelly and I couldn’t wait until that night and we drove to Chase’s place of employment (Buy Low.) We slithered up the aisles and watched him from afar. Just scoping him out and of course talking about him. I decided to amp up the creepiness and take a picture of him and text it to him. He was just chatting it up with an old lady while ringing up her groceries and wasn’t checking his phone! What a good employee. So we bought some groceries (for a future prank to play on Chase) and went to his check-out line. He greeted us politely and then did a double take! Well, hello there handsome! Handsome giant! That was my first thought- you are this tall? Mother of pearl! 
There was a lot of giggling and trying to act cool from my end and an awkward receipt/credit card exchange. Apparently, he was super embarrassed bc he thought he looked grimy bc he had been at work all day.

Later that night, we all went to the movies. Chase and I were sitting next to each other when another male friend asked Chase if he could sit somewhere else and take his spot next to me. Ope!!! Hahahaha.Chase sat right behind me and this was his first inkling that I might be too much drama for him. But no matter, seat stealer man was just a minor setback because from then on, I pretty much always wanted to be sitting smack dab next to Chase! We spent a lot of time together! And within a week or two it became every night! 
 A month passed and Chase started acting funny. Like he liked me or something….. but that’s impossible bc he was such a player with all my friends and played dating games with them. Maybe I was just another game. He had just turned in his mission papers. He couldn’t want a girlfriend now (and he didn’t. But "he couldn't stay away" and that's a direct quote from him. )
Finally, after some convincing, some jealousy moments from him (which is so rare and so not like him. I’m the jealous one and Chase is the chill one), and some decision making by me- I chose him and Chase chose me!
I've dated enough bad boys and was truly in awe of this good-loving sweetheart. My heart was finally humble enough to let someone as amazing as Chase in and exclusively stay! I have some trust issues and some high walls when I want to- but I'm grateful for the whole journey and all that helped my heart see all the good in Chase. I didn't want some mysterious, bad boy drama. I wanted an honest, loving gentleman! 
The first time my dad met Chase was when my dad came to town for a business meeting. When my dad met Chase on our Stewart Falls hike, my dad knew that Chase was an answer to his prayers. Ever since then my dad has been hooked and on team Chase! (and that's why it's even funnier to me that when Chase asked my dad for permission to propose [two years later], he was super super nervous. And it just so happened that Chase called when when my dad was on a business trip in Japan and it was 2 a.m. for my dad. hahaha. But my dad would have said yes no matter when or where Chase asked him!)
I was totally in love by this point (October? 2 months of exclusively dating? WOW!) and Chase treated me like his queen!
We should have had our first kiss during these magical fireworks in Springville at the Indian temple; however, Chase wasn’t takin’ my signals and hints (he’ll argue till the death that I didn’t give him a chance but get real- I’m Miss Bold over here!) He finally kissed me a few hours later during a Utes game- that’s unfortunate, but the kiss was fortunate!

I was hinting at saying I love you for a couple weeks before we actually did exchange those crazy three words. He knew it, too. Just making me squirm and trying to see how stubborn I’d be. I was determined for him to say them first! I cracked after we went to a session of General Conference in October and we were walking around the temple grounds! I pulled him to the side and told him how happy I was and how much I loved him. He felt the same way and threw back the love even stronger! It’s cute that temple square has so many precious memories and special spots for us! 

Falling in love with Chase was surreal. Why was I falling in love with someone who had their mission call! He had to wait 5 months from getting his call to actually entering the MTC, and it was long enough for us to fall in love and make it last!
By the time his MTC date rolled around, we were stronger than ever with 6 months of daily memories to start us off on our love story!
Waiting for Chase was super hard. I’m so grateful to Kell and Laur for always letting me be a third wheel and giving me hope in love as I tagged along with them and their newlywedded husbands.  Some day I'd have my husband!

Being close and around Chase’s family helped, too. I fell in love with them and became an Anderson long before the sealing was legit!

I wouldn’t wish waiting for a missionary on anyone. Run if you can. But my heart was too far gone to ignore! Oh how I love(d) that missionary! My heart definitely broke when he mouthed “I love you” and drew a heart with his fingers as he turned, grabbed his two suitcases, and followed his host elder into the MTC. I leaned on his family and we sulked back to the car!
“All of you stop it. This is the best day of Chase’s life!” ordered Chase’s dad- he was right.
I sat in the car and opened my first letter from Elder Anderson. I promised him I wouldn't read it until he was in the MTC. He had spent that morning writing it for me and handed it to me on the drive to the MTC. That letter was so amazing and the first of many amazing letters!  I felt his love and missed him like crazy!  Being a full-time missionary is a blessing and I'm so grateful Chase made the decision to be an awesome, obedient one and it could be a part of our story!
He was stuck in the MTC for over 13 weeks waiting for his visa and zone leadering it up. I was avoiding 900 E and the Provo Temple arena like a plague. I looked forward to his Saturday packages every week and wrote him daily and was such a good mail/treat/package giver! The moment he finally got his visa was an awesome moment. He got to call home for 5 minutes and there I was on his parents’ bed on their bedroom phone listening in! That voice! Melted my heart. He then called the next Tuesday and had 2 layovers in the States before he was off to Brazil. So Chase’s mom and I got to talk to him that whole day on and off!! I was feeling weak about making it another 21 months bc the first 3 were torturous (the hardest now that I look back on it) but he reboosted my heart and I was hooked all over again through those layovers and phone calls.  
Around this time, I started seriously thinking about serving a mission myself. Why not? My testimony in Christ, his atonement, and his happy gospel was stronger than ever and I had the time and funding! I was trying to date but it was pretty much all fake and confusing. Why not serve a mission? So I prayed about it- nothing too earth quaking. So I purchased a PMG, met with my bishop, and decided to move forward unless I got a “no”. Well there I was 10 months later on November 10, 2010 about to enter the MTC myself! Entering the MTC was like coming home. From the moment I entered the mission field, waiting for Chase became 100 times easier! I was focused, full of light, and doing something super important with my time. I felt I knew what Chase was experiencing better and how he truly has been growing for the past 10 months! We shared so much via snail mail while he was away and I’m glad serving a mission was one of those things we could share.

I loved my mission! I couldn’t believe I was called toTemple Square. A hop, skip, and jump from Provo. It is the best mission in the world. It’s 9 acres of pure miracles. It is a place where the Holy Ghost truly lives. Christ’s life and love can be felt at every monument and painting. Oh I was so blessed to serve there. It ended too soon after just 6 months because of the doctor's errors and my stupid ulcerative colitis. Funny how you can be happier than ever but your body shows signs of stress and fatality. I sometimes wonder if the doctors would have left me alone and not prescribed me every quick fix med under the sun if I could have made it. However, God had a plan for me and His plan was that I come home early.

It was a really tough time, and of course, Brazil’s mail system was on strike for the first few months I had to recover at home. It was hard dealing with coming home early without any true communication from Chase, but I am so grateful for the support of my family, my temple square sister's letters, and the emails via Chase’s mom that helped me adjust to post mission life.
Even though Chase knew he couldn’t mail out a letter, he’d still write one every pday! I loved receiving 10 letters on those rare occasions! He is seriously amazing.
I was back at BYU that fall and counting down the days till Christmas!! Chase was allowed to come home 5 days before Christmas! Best Christmas present ever! I pushed through the semester, tried to have minimal dating drama, and made every letter, tape, and package count! I planned to stay at the Andersons that Christmas
Waiting for Chase at the bottom of those escalators on December 20, 2011 at 1:26 pm was the best moment of my life! The crazy thing about his return was that it was a RUSH of two years of missing him and missing his love all returning in one moment! That was a powerful day, week, month! It was surreal for about a year after! I’m still getting over it! We thought the mission chapter would never end. We both just accepted that Chase was Elder Anderson and he was in Brazil…. Indefinitely! Yet it did end, and now we can’t believe it! He made every minute count and came home with no regrets. I had grown a ton (figuratively) and was ready to be his wife! We constantly look over at each other and can’t believe the mission is over, we’re together, and we live this happy life! 
On the way home from the airport, there was a moment when Chase and I made eye contact and I knew (no longer needing to hope) that we were going to get married. It was powerful! The sooner the better, I thought!
He was then released about 2 hours later. I knew he was a crazy awesome missionary for God! I couldn’t have been more pleased! We walked out of the stake center and he hugged me hugely! He grabbed my hand! And we went home to the rest of the family.
That day I was over analyzing everything and truly hoped he was feeling what I was feeling and not just faking it till it became real for him. Later that night, the house was settling down, relatives and friends had left, and it was dark out. I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk and he readily agreed. We walked around his neighborhood, like we had right before he had been set apart two years earlier. Everything was perfect. We headed back to his house and I was heading for the garage to go inside. He told me he wanted to walk around the back and be out together a little longer. We stopped by the fire pit in the backyard with the snow falling and he spun me around to face him, grabbed my face, and kissed me!!!!

 We got engaged 1.5 months after his return and sealed on May 3, 2012 after a 2.5 month engagement! 


 Now as I’m writing this, I am 36 weeks pregnant and feeling our baby girl kickin’ like crazy! We are so ready to meet her and start yet another chapter in our lives together! We’ve been married for a year and four months! We’ve been reunited post mission for a year and 9 months! We haven’t even been reunited for as long as I waited for that sweet missionary. But time has flown!
It’s ironic that I started this blog when I returned to Provo and started hanging out with Chase in the very beginning. This blog has the whole timeline and record of our blossoming love!
Waiting for Chase was the best decision I ever made. It caused me to reflect and pray about serving a mission for myself, and that in itself would have made choosing to wait for Chase worth it. Yet I got so much more! RM status and my husband! I love our love story and love our love! I’d like to hear all this from Chase’s point of view bc it’d be a little different, a lot shorter, and probably even funnier! However, this is my love story of us and I am the narrator! I hope you enjoyed and believe in true love- because it exists and is the best part of life!


Genevieve Larsen said...

That didn't take quite an hour ;)

Sloane Phillips said...

Some of my favorite parts:
*but get real- I’m Miss Bold over here
*I loved my mission! I couldn’t believe I was called toTemple Square. A hop, skip, and a jump from Provo. It is the best mission in the world. It’s 9 acres of pure miracles. It is a place where the Holy Ghost truly lives. Christ’s life and love can be felt at every monument and painting.
*I hope you enjoyed and believe in true love- because it exists and is the best part of life!

And, of course, the pictures.